Familiarity the Excellency of 6 Days Machame Route climbing Kilimanjaro with an acclimatization day on your trip to acclimatize to the roof of Africa. Digest with May that is the scenic path to the roof of Africa. The rate of successfully is highly. Notable as the (Whiskey Route) because it’s mid of challenge. The route offer you beatifying views and landscape. You will be picked up at Kilimanjaro International Airport to the hotel in Moshi or Arusha where you will overnight and get prepare your gear and for briefing.

6 days machame route climbing kilimanjaro

DAY 1: Moshi to Machame camp

Transfer from hotel to Machame gate with private car.
Hike cultivated area of Mount Kilimanjaro to Machame camp site
Walk start at the Machame gate where the registration should be done. Pass through the rain forest expect to have shower any time, trail (path) can be wet, keep look around for wild animals, and it’s possible you may spot monkeys and birds. The distance from Machame gate to Machame camp site is 11km, take 5h- 6h of walk with gradual 7-9 degree of gradient. End the day at elevation of 2800m above of the rain forest.
Meal Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

DAY 2: Machame to Shira cave camp

Hike through the heathland to moorland to Shira cave camp site and get the incredible view of Kibo peak and Shira peak which is Shira cathedral with Shira cone.
Proceed climbing steepness of 16.3 degree of gradients to elevation of 3800m and then down a bit to the Shira camp at elevation of 3750m.
Meal: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.

DAY 3: Shira cave to Barranco camp

Shira to Barranco camp via lava tower to Barranco camp site at elevation of 3900m.Hiking slowly through alpine desert with rocky gradual 5 degree of gradient Shira to lava tower 4 hours 7km at elevation of 4600m up there for acclimatization go to high sleep low.
Lava tower to Barranco camp descent to the camp where sleep take 2h-3h in 3km. decreasing of the barometric pressure and oxygen molecule per breath some people might start feel the mountain. Go pole pole that is the song along the way.
Meal Breakfast/ lunch dinner

DAY 4: Barranco camp to Barafu camp pass Karanga camp

Start of Barranco earlier morning, reason is to be at Barafu around 3-4pm, to get time to have a rest before midnight.  Few distance gradual from Barranco and then start great Barranco wall climb on it spent 1 hour – 1 hour 30min in 15- 20 degree of gradient. Wall offered you incredible view of Barranco camp, Western Breach and beatifying view of overcast, sea look like. Stop at Karanga camp for lunch and proceed to Barafu camp through moorland to alpine desert. Barafu camp (4672m) is on the ridge with no wind block and remarkable view of Kibo and Mawezi peak. Barafu Camp is colder than before because of wind and also as up 200m loss one degree of centigrade so as go high as got colder. Earlier dinner as to have enough time to rest before last push
Meal: Breakfast/Lunch./Dinner

DAY 5: Barafu Camp to Mweka Camp

Night hike to the peak (summit) pass Stella point through alpine desert to arctic zone. Barafu camp to summit, this time is challenging day of entire trip, need strong confidence. From base camp to Stella point at 5756m/18886ft) is 6h-7hin 4km, time for the incredible view of the sunrise temperature is -5℃ to -12℃ depending on weather. Zigzag path to avoid steepness with loss scree. Stella point to summit (Uhuru Peak) (5895m,19300ft) 0.9km 1h-1h30m gradual ascent along the bare path or snow –covered path depending on weather. Enjoy remarkable view of Rebmann glacier, Heim glacier and Southern ice field on the left side and crater and northern ice field and Ash Pit long way on right side
Descent from the summit to base camp take 3h-4h, where group going to have short rest and pack up. Barafu camp to Mweka camp at 3100m is 4hm 7.5 km, the path down pass through alpine desert, moorland and heath land.
Meal: breakfast /lunch Dinner.

DAY 6: Mweka Camp to Moshi

Mweka camp to Mweka gate descending through forest (rain forest), normally is west and slip so take care, From Mweka gate to the hotel in Moshi or Arusha with private vehicle.

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