Nyambabe Adventures

" We are ready to take long way and shot way to discover the beauty of Tanzania."

We’re specialise in Tanzania tailor made tours for people with passion and in search of Tanzania safarisclimbing Kilimanjaro, culture, Waterfalls, Traditional dances & foods, town tours and private visit. As Tanzanian we are bound to show you many of the intimate and interesting details of our lifestyle and cultural heritage. If you need a really personalized adventure, we believe that we can give you the very best.

We can customize your tour to match your specific needs and budget.

We Offer:

An Exquisite Tanzanian experience, committed at making your African adventure a breathtaking one and filled with great memories.

Climbs on Mount

Camping & Lodge Wildlife Safaris

Day Trips

Searching the right blend of animal encounters and outdoor activities to suit your time and budget is what Tanzania tailor made tours are all about. All across Tanzania, from Northern to Southern Circuit, you’ll discover a huge choice of game parks, accommodation and adventures to help you put Tanzanian safaris into perspective with those little tailor-made touches providing the difference between a great holiday and a totally unique experience.